Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mobile Phone for Blogging

In previous two posts I discussed about posting to your blog in blogger or WP from your mobile. Well … I’m not talking about Black Berry or iPhone 3G here. It’s way costly! Frankly speaking, I’ve been dreaming of those gadgets. But even though my husband has offered me to buy it I still feel that my current mobile phone is good enough for me to mobile blogging. It’s as of now. I might change my mind later. Who knows :)
I’ve been using Nokia 3600 slide since January 2009 because my previous mobile which was Motorola was broken somehow. The price here in Indonesia was around $236 at that time.

I didn’t even know that it can be used for Internet connection. The reason I bought it was solely because of its model. Nice, cute, slim (typical ladies!). On using it, I found that hey … I can connect to internet! No manual setting required. Simply plug in your sim card and you’re there. The beautiful thing is the built-in application installed namely Yahoo! Go where I can read and write my email in Yahoo. There is also mini Opera browser for me to ‘monitor’ (hmmm) my friends in Facebook or update my WP blog or browsing somewhere else.
So, why don’t you try it?

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donna novita said...

maybe i will try this one day. & i'll go back 2u 4 d tutorial.