Sunday, April 26, 2009

Post to Blogger by Email

Sometimes when I pick up my daughter from her school and wait for her in parking land, I feel that I could have made use of my times to post some things for my blog instead of simply listening to the radio or having chit chat with other mothers in the school. Previously it was not possible for me to do so as I didn’t have mobile internet connectivity. Now that I have it, it’s so much fun to do that. Especially bloggerdotcom has provided a way to post by writing email to special account of ours.

First of all, you have to set a special email in (known as Mail2Blogger) from Settings>Email & Mobile. In Posting Options, create your Email Posting Address. You should keep this email as secret; otherwise people can post on behalf of your name.

Then what next?

In your mobile phone, log in to your email sites (any sites can do, e.g. yahoo, google, etc). then create an email that is sent to corresponding Email Posting Address that is set above, mark the end of the post with ‘# end of post’ and click Send. It will be your new post right away!

FYI, previous post with title “ABAP System Field” was posted from my mobile while waiting for my daughter in her school.


Dilasari Hidayat said...

Thanks for sharing the information, mbak. I'll try to do it too.

dede said...

wah mamtep nih infonya,..nanti kalo udah punya HP yang bisa connect ke internet saya coba.

Hp saya sekarang hanya bisa buat nelpon ama sms hehee

Maya said...

ayo dicoba dicoba ...