Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comment Reply Via Email in WP

Another blending of blogging and email in WP (well … actually this came first before Post by Email feature). In WP, you can reply the comment straight from email instead of clicking back to your WP dashboard.
Go to Setting>Discussion, tick ‘Comment Reply Via Email’ check box. The prerequisite for it to work is your ‘Email me whenever anyone post a comment’ check box is also ticked.
Now, when you receive notification email that you receive a comment, simply click Reply from that email itself. When you click reply, a special WordPress e-mail address will appear in the Sender line, matching your reply to the proper comment thread. Send it off, and your reply is up on your blog in seconds.
Nice feature, huh?


dede online said...

Lama nggak berkunjung ke sini, maklum sibuk..selamt atas awards nya,..selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa, semoga lancar2 aja..

Maya said...

makasih kang dede ... selamat berpuasa juga ...