Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post to WP by Email

It seems that WP has improved their capability in posting to WP by sending email, just like Mail2Blogger concept. This is how to do it: Under Dashboard, click “My Blogs”. There is option “Post By Email”, click Generate. That’s it.
In below screen shot, the email name is censored.

Quoting John Godley from WP team:
“Maybe you’re on holiday and want to show your journey. Maybe you’ve captured something with your cell phone that you just have to share. Maybe you’re at work and should be doing something else. With Post by Email you can keep everyone up-to-date without even opening a browser.”
So, now you can post to blog by sending email to that secret email.
However, if we compare with Mail2Blogger in my previous post, the difference is in WP the email is automatically generated. We can’t give the email name with the name that we can remember. As a result, up to now I can’t remember my secret email! So, looks like that I have to note it somewhere.

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