Thursday, May 1, 2014

Make a So-Called Scanned Copy Document with Your Phone

Sometimes when you deal with online registration you need to attach scanned copy of your printed out documents, like your birth certificate or your ID card. If you have a scanner there is no issue with that. The trouble comes when you don't. 

What can you do when you don't have a scanner? Here they are:

1. If you have iPhone you can download application namely 'My Scans'. This application capture your document using the camera then it edits the picture as if it was taken by a scanner. I'm not sure with Android but you can search for similar application. This application is free but it has watermark on the document. To remove it you have to do one time payment. 

2. If you have phone with camera you can take the picture and use MS. Office like Excel to edit it to be black and white and adjust whatever format necessary. 

There you are, the scanned copy document is ready. 

Sample from My Scans:

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